Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Book Talk : "Wings Of My Expression"

I would say that I'm kinda lucky when I bought this book. So here's the story : last week, as usual, Krishna and I met at Plaza Senayan (after office). And if one us will be come late, the one that came earlier will wait at Kinokuniya bookstore. 

When Krishna said he'll be late to come, I decided to sit at Kinokuniya, and you know just hanging around with the books. Luckly, Kinokuniya was on sale!! There were so many books with 30% until 50% discounts. So I started to looked for some good book to read. And then I found this poetry book "Wings Of My Expression" written by a young writer name Mengjie Zou for only IDR 30,000,-

I don't know why but I decided to bought that book. And I think it was my best decision 😊

I think this book is very beautiful. The words are very simple yet meaningful. I really cannot imagine how can a young girl (that time she was 11 years old because the book was written on 2007), can express herself with a very poetic words.
The good thing is, besides poems, there is also a novel in the end of the chapter. I haven't finish this book yet, but I'm sure I will. And this book will be one of my favorite poetry book. Because I am so amazed! ❤


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