Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hey June!

I'm back again now, people!

By the way, I still owe you some photos from my outing trip, and also from my Bandung trip with my parents last week, I kinda lazy to transferred it from my camera, though (my bad!).

Hmm, let's see what stories I'm going to tell you. Ok, first, I'm going to tell you the reason why I chose this water background as my template blog. Because I think water is something mysterious yet healthy and makes us happy. Same like our days..mysterious.

Same like my day about a week ago. Because two days  before I go to Bandung, I had this Gastritis. Yes, it was the first time for me, and it was really huuuurts. It's like I wanna die! So I went to Emergency Room at midnight (and Krishna with me off course), then the Doctor said before it's too dangerous, she got this injected to cure my stomach pain. So I was injected for about 3 hours, and after then I can return to home. It was sooooo torched me! The sad thing is, the Doctor said I cannot drink coffee and soda anymore. And if I really wanted to, well yeah, maybe I just take it a little bit. Hiks! Yes my friend, we can get some bad things anyyytime. Mysterious, right?

Ok now, forget about my pain. Then I'm going to tell you about how happy I am, I went to Bandung with my parents. We went to some places. Enjoyed the atmosphere and a chill weather. It feels like I can feel the chill of water. Calm and makes me happy.

By the way, this month will be Krishna's birthday. So yes, I'm going to give him some present that he likes. Hihi.

But you know what? Eventhough our days seems really mysterious, it doesn't mean we cannot enjoy it. Just make it like an adventure for us. Yes, because everyday is an adventure. And it is a GOOD one! Be good and be happy, people :)

Girl With An Attitude

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