Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Book Talk : "Not That Kind Of Girl"

I just read this autobiography book by Lena Dunham, which I think is funny. This book is sooo about her. When I just started to read it, I was like, "Geez, Lena is such an open minded person!". Well yeah, she is. She wrote the book with her own language. Her words feels so friendly and seems she's really has so many stories in her life. The way she wrote, it feels like she's in front of you talking, laughing and sharing her stories. 

In some chapters, Lena told us about how she feels about sex. When she did it for the first. And with whom she did it. She's really honest, hehe. 

I think it is good if someone wrote a book like this. Because it came from the heart. It's a very simple, funny, friendly and honest.

“I think if you feel like you were born to write, then you probably were.”
-Lena Dunham-

Girl With An Attitude

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