Tuesday, December 29, 2015


To ending this year, I decided to changed my background blog. After a year, I'm using only white for the background. But this time, I chose some kinda doodles. A simple doodles actually. Why I chose this one? Well these are the answers :

  1. Happy & sad face doodles : Because in this life, we all have some happy things and sad things. Sometimes we laughs, sometimes we cries. Sometimes we love each others, sometimes we hate each others. There are 'this' and 'that'. Ups and downs. 
  2. Calculator doodle : People always being a money oriented creature. Everytime we spending money for something, we also always calculating the prices. We always think about how much we spent? How many things we buy with money?, and those kinda thing. People loves money, but they are afraid of losing it. 
  3. Book doodle : Life is like a book. They're so many chapters we will see in the future. Every pages are mysterious, because we don't know what will happen next. We just keep facing it, like we are reading a book. Keep reading it until we know the ending.
  4. Instruments doodles : Because every instruments has a different sounds. Same as we are. Every person has their own destiny and attitudes.
  5. The other doodles : It's like there are so many things that we think not to important in our life. But someday, those 'not important' things will be important and filled our life.
Well, thats the reason why I put this background for my blog. Some kind of philosophy perspective that I have :)

Girl With An Attitude

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