Monday, November 2, 2015

Sunday funday!

So yesterday, Krishna and I accompanied my parents to the airport. Because they're going to Medan until next week (and I cried). After we went to the airport and had a breakfast, we stopped by (again!) to IKEA. We bought curtains and some little things. 

We had a very nice Sunday there. So here are the photos :

I always loves weekends, especially Sundays. Because Sunday is a funday. It's the time that you can relaxing and enjoy yourself before you entering the new week.

Headscarf : @s.w.a.m
Sunglasses : Gift from a friend
Sweater : Belongs to my Mom
Overall / pants : From flea market
Bag : Gift from Cosmo Girl magazine
Shoes : Vans (The Beatles limited edition

Girl With An Attitude

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