Monday, November 9, 2015

A little thought

And also, Krishna wrote a little thought about me. With his "not-so-romantic" words, but I love it! :

Story of a little Girl in this Cupcake Universe

Begin with nothingness, blast into particles, and started to construct the whole part of Galaxy
Evolve every single day, creates the sun, trees, mountains, river, birds, dinosaurs, and then there is this little girl :)

A little girl with little hands, but do not underestimate, because in those little hands grows a thousand words, beautifully. Words that comes from within. Bring message about wonderful journey, love, excitement, and also things about cupcakes, music, and many more. Stories that will make you laugh, smile, or even cry, but will leave you with a warm feeling right there in your heart.

She does not just write the stories, but she lives that stories, bring them alive and share that journey with friends and families. But what is a story without a sensitive side :). Well said that she is easy to cry, but that cry can stood for happiness and suffering. And when she cries for somebody else, it means that she has a good heart, empathy to other people, she knows that everybody is one and the same deep down inside. No wonder she likes John Lennon, the music and lyrics talk about oneness... and of course The Beatles as well. 

By the way, recently she just published her own book, the title is Mimpi Oriana, a story about a girl who fell in love with a band mate, it’s a pretty good book, easy to read, and the story works well. I’m telling you, this girl has a great talent in writing. Oh check out her blog as well,, you’ll find hundreds of interesting knowledge, it’s quite fun to surf in her blog.

Writing is not the only channel she uses to express herself, Music is another way for her to tell a story. She makes this song call “Twinkle Eyes”, which is a simple song yet enjoyable to be heard. It’s about romance, same as her book “Mimpi Oriana”, well I guess She’s deeply falling in love :D... Talk about music, She has a unique references, When most of people around Her like to listen to some “trendmaker”, She likes to Listen to an almost never heard before band, such as Sucre. And you know what, She digs deeper with this Sucre, from its music and the history. Sucre is one of them, there are more to talk about when it comes to music with this little Girl.

For those who don’t know her yet, I suggest you should hang around with her, you will be surprised with some of her act. She can do tremendously funny thing that you will never imagine before. She can make you laugh so hard and makes you just want to hug her and stay longer...

This little girl always gives a sweet vibe to her surrounding, it’s the kind of person that you just want to have a chat with while accompanied with tea and cakes the whole day long until the sun goes down. A good listener I should say.

Don’t forget for a little kiss in her chin, it will make her blushing. And ask her to make a cupcake, it taste so good :)

And If you ever want to know her more, just call her name 3 times . . . Ovi, Ovi, Ovi...She will come with lots of books and cupcakes for the long lovely afternoon

Beside cupcakes and books, she will gives some advice, spirits, insight to change your life a whole lot happier :)

Last but not least, She doesn’t live a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, She lives now among us, and celebrating her life every moment. So Let us say it loud “HAPPY BIRTHDAY OVI, MAY THE Love Angel Music Baby BE WITH YOU, ALWAYS...”

Girl With An Attitude

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