Saturday, February 7, 2015


Have you ever say that to yourself? Or have you asked yourself but in the opposites meaning? I mean, sometimes, when we feel so blue and everything in our life is sucks and we are surrounded by a negatives and pathetics things and thoughts, you might asked this question "Am I special?". You asked the question whether you are not special to your family, to your husband / wife, to your friends and to your environment. Because maybe you have been forgotten by your friends or even your family. You feel like the world is judging you so bad and you cannot do anything properly. 

I tell you what. When you ask that "Am I special?" question, neither your family, your husband / wife, your friends and environment cannot answer it. Because why? Because the answer is depends on yourself. Do you wanna be special? Than be. Do you wanna be a smart person. Well, than be. Tell yourself that you are special. You are special to the world. You were born to be a special, humble, smart, beautiful creature in this world. You can do anything that you want. As long as you got a smart brain, great attitudes, and some eager to achieve something you want, than YOU ARE SPECIAL! 

And so do I. I am a special person! Special to my family, special to my husband, special to my friends, special to my environment, and special to the world. God knows that. And that's why He created me to be one of His special creature. :)

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