Friday, November 28, 2014

Almost December!

Heyo there! So sowwy because I had abandoned my blog like forever, haha. Kidding! Well, yeah, I haven't write this blog since the first of November. And now, it is almost December. Hmm, there are pretty much stories I would say. But first, my birthday. Yup, this month is my month. My birthday month. The best moment is, this is the first time I had my birthday as a wife! And having Krishna being my husband. 

I got lots of presents from Krishna. And no, I won't posting it here :)

Thank you so much to all my family, my friends, that already wishing me a very good and warm regards and also a luck to me. May God bless you in everything you do. 

I love you, November! 


Mary Andrikus said...

aduhh lucu nyaa kaliaan :D

ovi siregar said...

Hihi, thank you! :)