Friday, February 1, 2013

The month of love

Today is the 1st day in February 2013. The month of two for this year. And the month of love. Many people say that February is a month of love. It's because on 14th February, people celebrate Valentine's Day. A day with lots of love, romantic words, nice poems, candle light dinner, flowers, dancing in the moonlight, and so on. Yes, I'm one of those hopelessly romantic person who loves and adores those things. But I think, If we like to show our love to our beloved people, we don't have to wait until February. Because we can celebrate Valentine's Day everytime we want. On April, on Sunday evening, today or tomorrow.

I am not a cynical person. And I am not a person who hated Valentine's Day. I like to treat my beloved people with things or cares. So I guess I will celebrate that Valentine's Day with my beloved people.

I just wish that in this February, we all will be blessed and surounding by loves. I hope today, tomorrow, and everday until the day I die, I still can shows how much I love my belover people. :)

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