Saturday, January 7, 2012

In a good mood

Lately, I'm in a very good mood. I don't know, maybe because it's still a holiday season. The weather is nice, the traffic is nice, and the atmosphere is nice. So I feel like I'm totally in a nice way too. This is my first posting in 2012. And I think there's nothing much I wanna write. I was just reminiscing about the last year. Back in the 2011, I had so many ups and downs thing. About office, about friends, about love life. Luckly I have so many new things too. I watched Maroon 5 concert in April 2011. I got a new office at the good company in June 2011. I got lots of new friends (and the old friends are still the same). I bougt another handphone to myself. I went to Medan and celebrated Idul Fitri there (quality time with my family). I went to Singapore with my friends in November 2011 (and this is a gift birthday from me to me :) ). I went to Yogyakarta for outing office in November also. My bestfriend, Chiara having a baby in December 2011. And I celebrated the New Year with my brother and his wife at home. Yes, at home. And I loved it! We watched horror movie, made pop corns, bought foods and drinks and slept at 3 am. It's a simple way to celebrate New Year :)

Some people have a new resolutions every year. But some people are not. Every year they keep wishing about the dreams that would come true. So do I. I have a new resolutions. And some of my old resolutions that I've list, I still keep wishing it would be come true also. I believe that we all can get what we want. With one way or another. Yet, we also must have a faith and try our best to reach it. 

Speaking about friends, I believe that "the best friends are the old friends". I have so many good friends. But the bad friends? I erased them from my life. Forgiven but not forgotten? No! Forgotten but not forgiven :) Have a blast days in 2012 y'all! I am so facing it :)

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