Monday, January 9, 2012

Hooray! It's Mrs. Fields Cafe

Hooray! Mrs. Fields Cafe finally has come nearly. About a month ago, I went to Mrs. Fields 'Supermal Karawaci', and then I met the owner. She was so nice, and she explained how she and the family trying so hard for doing the business. She said "On 18th November, we will opening at Kuningan Village, you should come". And when I was about to leave, she gave me a member card. It's a 20% discount card, but only for the cookies, cakes and brownies. Not including drinks. Well, it's ok for me, haha!

And now I heard that Mrs. Fields will opening at Gandaria City, 4 days more! My oh's nearly from my house than Supermal Karawaci and Kuningan Village. That means, I think I will go there more often and using my member card. Yaynes!

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