Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hello Pijar :)

Last week, my bestfriend Chiara, was having a baby boy. So, yesterday I went to her house to see the new tiny little creature. His name is Pijar Cakrawala Multhazam. He is sooooo cute! I always love babies. Chiara and her husband, Jimmy married about 2 years ago. And on this November, they are having a baby in their life.

Pijar Cakrawala Multhazam :)

The new mom and her baby boy

Iie, Ticka, Ovi, Obenk & Chiara

Tama, Ovi, Landy & Ticka. Let's sing dude!

Kiss kiss to Pijar

I miss them :)

Dear baby Pijar, I hope you will grow as a great boy, smart, have a good heart, always love God and your parents, be precious, talented, low profile, handsome, and always put a smile upon your face. Can't wait to see you grow up :')

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