Sunday, December 11, 2011

Everything about chocolate

Last night I went to Senayan City and went to the 'Magnum Pleasure 365' event. The ticket was only Rp 10.500,- and then I got this ice cream Magnum and one 'passport'. The passport is for the ticket entry. So you can go see all the chocolate things in there. I was like, wooooow! Chocolate is my one of my favorite thing in the world (as you know), and to see lotsa chocolates in front of me, for real, makes me really wanna eat them all. Haha! So here's the beautiful pictures about chocolates that I took last night :

The booth

Giant Magnums

The clothes are made by chocolates

Billiards of chocolate

Guitar of chocolate

Drums of chocolate

Lens of chocolate

Louis Vuitton chocolate

Bustier chocolate

Couch of chocolate

Shower equipments

Closet things

Make up things


Chocolate fountain. We can dipping everything

I dipped this ballpoint with chocolate

Fun fun!

Crazy, eh? Can you imagine how happy I am! I think this event was so great. Adults and children are allowed to come. Oh btw, last night Soulvibe and The Groove had performed on stage. The other night was Tompi. And the first night of the event was Maliq & D'essentials. Yup, I missed it again.  

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