Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Relaxed time!

Last week was our 2nd anniversary wedding. And like I told you in my previous post, we celebrated by stayed at Aston Marina Ancol. The place was sooo beautiful. I really like the 1 bedroom that we booked, and also the location, because is really near from Ancol (Krishna and I walked by and only took 10 minutes). We stayed at 23rd floor, which I think was pretty quite, hehe..

We checked in at 1 pm, then we went to the room and amazed! We're so tired and we decided to took a napped about an hour. Afterwards, we went to Sea World by shuttle bus (I'll tell the story about Sea World on the next pots, ok?). 

After Sea World, we went to the beach and sat by with the sound of the breeze and also the sunset. 

At night, we went to Pasar Seni (our favorite place), and looked around the paintings and the painters. Krishna really enjoyed the time by talked and shared some stories with some painters. Rain fell down and made us totally wet!

I don't know about you, but Krishna and I really enjoy some 'old time' place such as Ancol. Because it's really bring back to our childhood time. I think Ancol is a very memorable location that we should take care off. 

Btw Aston Marina Ancol is one of a romantic place that you can count on when you want to celebrate some special moment. The place, the atmosphere, the location, the services, the room, are really good! I give 5 stars to this place :)

We really had fun there. And surely gonna get back soon!

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