Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blessed for those

Hi people!

Haven’t blogged for a week. Kinda sorry for that.
Actually, I just wanna share something about friendships, about office thingy, and about many people I have known in my life (beside my family, of course). 

The 1st time I had worked was in francais fashion Magazine named Style Magazine. I worked there for almost 4 months as a Fashion Journalist. I had 2 partners name Ion and Pras. Our job desk were did photoshoots for some fashion spread, interviewed those fashion people, made some cover story line and many more. It was my first time as a Fashion Journalist which I think was awesome. To be a journalist is one of my favorite though. Blessed for that.

The 2nd, I had worked in PT Indosat, Tbk for 3 years. I was in Div. Retention, and did many kind of events. Escpecially for entertained the VIP customers. We did some family gathering, watched movies, played bowling, and many more. In this office, I met my bestfriends. I met Endah, Wita, Ayu, Kocu, Rheinhard and so many. I think that office is one of the best office I have worked for. So many good memories there. Blessed for that.  

After PT Indosat, Tbk, I worked in this francais Magazine (again) named Time Out Jakarta as a Marketing & Promotion for a year. I did this monthly gig music named On The Up. Some free gig which played 3 bands (such as The Porno, Seringai, Waiting Room, The Trees And The Wild, and many many more). The most favorite part is, till now, I still making friends with some of the band members and the band managers. I have learned many kind of musics. Indie Pop, Hardcore, Rock n Roll and lots! Another great office I have worked for. Blessed for that.

The 4th office I had worked was in Ascomaxx Magazine, this kind automotive magazine. I worked as a Marketing & Promotion for only 3 months. Why 3 months? Well, because I think I was not into those cars and motorcycles. It was too masculine for me. I did this automotive car events at PRJ (which made my skin more darker. Yeah, gosong!). Blessed for that.

After Ascomaxx, my 5th office was 2nd World Multi Media. I worked there for only 3 months (again) as a Account Executive. It was a new world for me, because I have to sell some product, which was a website. We selling this website to a many companies. It was kinda exhausted for me. Blessed for that.

The 6th office I had worked was CIMB NIaga as a Marketing & Training for almost 4 years. This is also one of my favorite office most. I loved the atmosphere, I loved the friends, I love the situations that was really homy for me.  Endah was the one whom asked me to did the interviewed as her partner. I met so many crazy friends here. There are Ratih, Brami, Mba Inggo, Sharly and many more. Blessed for that.

After I resigned from CIMB Niaga, I worked at this Advertising company (It’s a Japan company) name D****u. I worked here for only 2 months as a Media Relation for this artist J****.  This artis is an officialy sister group from Japan A****.  It was exhausted and, hmm..I think I’m not into an artist management thing. I don’t have much time for family and friends. Because on weekends, I also have to worked. Huft! But still, blessed for that. 

After I resigned from that Japan company, I was jobless for 4 months. Yeah, can you believe 4 months? And on 1st July 2015, I started join this BUMN company as a Communication Internal (Corsec group). This is also a new world for me. Because I never imagine I can work in BUMN company, which I think, so far, is excited! I’m sure I will have so many good oportunities here. Blessed for that.  

What I’m trying to say is, I feel so bless that I have so many good experiences in so many companies with so many people and so many friends. I never regret one of that. I feel fine and also happy because I had those things. We’ll never know that maybe one day, we cannot have those times again.

"Be brave. Take risks.
Nothing can substitute experience"
-Paulo Coelho-

Girl With An Attitude

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